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The Benefits of Colocation

June 12, 2013

Colocation is a hosting option for all businesses that allows you to place your IT infrastructure in a highly secure, reliable, and scalable environment. Businesses find that the most important benefits to collocating are:

Network reliability:  You provide the server while we provide a reliable network infrastructure. We use private data connections that deliver 99.9% uptime guaranteed. Using multiple internet providers allows services to be switched seamlessly in case of any connection issues. Businesses are more dependent on network reliability, which leaves more and more businesses depending on constant connection.

Security:  Colocation facilities offer a multitude of security measure to keep your equipment and data safe. These services include: 24 Hour on-site security personnel, mantraps, biometrics, surveillance cameras, key cards, etc. Furthermore, colocation centers are more robust than typical business environment. Colocation centers are designed to manage power and avoid against risks associated with fire and natural disasters. Our colocation facilities are secure and reliable giving out customer’s peace of mind.

Power Redundancy: Customers are provided with the option to further protect their business uptime with redundant power circuits connected to different power distribution units.

Support: We provide onsite specialists in a case of any issues. With our 24 hour support team, server and network support is just a phone call away.

Scalability: Datacenter scalability allows customers to grow their power requirements within their existing footprint (units, cabinets, or racks) or expand into new space efficiently. With multiple carrier connectivity, customers may deploy a network point of presence (PoP) or larger deployment and connect it to other regional and international hubs.  Customers choosing this option will enjoy diverse on-demand data center capacity in a cost-effective configuration for their short and long-term needs.

Cost Savings:  Colocation costs are considerably more inexpensive than building out your own physical infrastructure. Consider the cost savings from multiple power generators, multiple Internet links, security, and onsite support staff as these costs are shared across many customers.

Located in Miami, Florida a business hub to the Caribbean, Central and South America, Rack Wizards are experts in colocations services. Colocation provides the critical services that every business needs to operate including remote management tools, growth planning, and Service Level Agreements.Our colocation solution is ideal for small or large businesses; we offer single server and quarter cabinets to full cabinets to meet your business needs. Rack Wizards uses a fully meshed network including redundant routers, switches, and power with 24x7x365 remote hands assistance and the option of a fully managed service to meet the technological demands of a working environment. Get your free quote today.

✓ Affordable and flexible colocation solutions

✓ Security, power and network redundancies at our colocation facilities

✓ Remote management tools with 24x7x365 IT support with colocation plans

✓ Software, hardware, network and security installs and updates with your colocation services

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