Increase Business with Colocation

Posted on July 21, 2014   |   7 comments
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Technology has literally been through a massive boom, and companies these days have more options than ever in terms of fulfilling their IT needs. The exponential growth of digital data nowadays has presented companies with a lot of challenges with regards to securing, managing and storing data. A majority of companies that manage internal servers, have come to a point where they have started to run out of space, cooling and even power capacity. So, what should they do? Well, they should consider outsourcing their computing needs, and take on colocation services.

If truth be told, there are countless companies around the world that have come to accepting the benefits that offsite colocation has to offer. With fully managed colocation, the customer provides equipment, wherein the colocation service provider hosts the equipment within a cabinet in their data center. Businesses that take up colocation get to benefit from the maintenance, as well as the management of a data center infrastructure. The best part is that they get to retain control and access over all of their business applications and mission-critical information.

How companies can benefit from colocation

Discussed below are a few advantages that businesses get to benefit from using a colocation service, and the ways in which colocation can help increase business:

Enhanced reliability – Increased uptime

The fact of the matter is that your business continuity is largely dependent upon the reliability of your network. You get the benefits from the management of your servers in a climate-controlled data center with extensive bandwidth speeds, and outstanding redundancy for network connections.  The network configurations set up by your provider are particularly going to be designed in such a manner that they deliver top-notch availability and reliability.

Colocation is an amazing selling point

Your customers entrust you to look after extremely sensitive data. One of the greatest selling points for your business is that you make use of a trusted colocation service. In order to sell this particular aspect of your business, add it to your website and all of your literature. Increase sales and confidence levels by proving it to your customers that you take the protection of their data very seriously.

Extensive disaster recovery, and immaculate business continuity

A collocated IT infrastructure has the potential to help you relax in case of power outage, natural disaster, and any other unexpected events that have the potential to affect your business premises. Colocation has the potential to ensure that every single bit of your equipment, all of your offsite servers, and all your different applications continue to be operational, and consistently available in case any unexpected events or mishaps take place.

Reduced costs over IT infrastructure and management

Fully managed colocation provides your business with full data center services. This is why, in the long run, it can turn out to be a whole lot more cost-effective as compared to managing your own servers. Colocation allows businesses the leverage to an ideal data center environment that is scalable to grow with your needs.


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